Meet Brensyn 

When Megan was 20 weeks pregnant, she found out there was something wrong with her son Brensyn’s heart. Though she had sonogram after sonogram and was referred to different hospitals, nobody could figure out quite what was wrong.

Megan had to wait.

When he was born at 39 weeks, on Feb. 27, 2018, Brensyn was taken straight to the NICU at Megan’s local hospital in West Virginia. Only problem was, that NICU was full. Brensyn was rushed to Cincinnati instead. As soon as Megan was physically able, she drove 5.5 hours to be with him.

She spent a few nights at a hotel, until she could into the Ronald McDonald house. In March, Brensyn had his first open heart surgery. He was in the operating room for almost seven hours and though there were a few complications, he was released into Megan’s care for three weeks.

During that time, he struggled to make the switch from breastmilk to formula and had to be readmitted because he couldn’t keep anything down. Between that, a blood clot and the need for several other procedures, the doctors began to talk about getting him a heart transplant.

Megan was handling all this alone, 5.5 hours away from her family—her support system.

So when Megan broke her phone, she applied to Vivian’s Victory for help. “They were a very big help,” Megan says. She was able to talk to her mom, sister, stepdad and brother regularly. Through Vivian’s Victory, she was also able to get a stroller and carseat Brensyn, in hopes that she would soon be driving him back home.

Meanwhile, Brensyn was hooked up to machines to keep his heart pumping. Doctors told Megan she had to let him go. Her whole family came in person to support Megan and say goodbye.

While Megan didn’t get to use the stroller and carseat herself, she went on to donate them to others. And she stayed connected to the people she needed most.

Vivian’s Victory is grateful to have played a role in helping Megan feel less alone.